Darenth Farm offers lessons for all levels of riders from complete beginners to advanced competitors. There are two trained riding instructors on staff who offer individual and group lessons for all ages. Lesson horses are available for instruction, or you can bring your own horse to Darenth Farm for a lesson. Winter riding times vary due to the weather, however, we are very lucky to have our new indoor arena so lessons can continue year round!

Sharon Dawson

Sharon Dawson is the owner of Darenth Farm, and has been teaching riding instruction for over thirty years. Originally from the County of Kent’s Darenth Valley in England, Sharon studied under the British Horse Society’s Instruction program and has personally trained almost all of the school horses.

Countless young riders have learned to ride under Sharon’s patient but no-nonsense approach to equestrian teaching, where student and horse learn mutual respect and understanding. Sharon looks for every opportunity to ride, whether it be a trail ride with friends, or a morning of hunting, Sharon is happiest in the saddle. She is currently the Field Master of the Carrollton Hounds Hunt Club.

Lesson Horses

Riley also known as “The Couch” is an 18 yr old Belgian/ Thoroughbred cross. Riley is fun for beginners and advanced riders alike. He has a lovely smooth trot and is an avid foxhunter when hes not taking riders around the arena or on the trail.



Prince Caspian or Caspa is a Thoroughbred Caspian cross. A unique breed, Caspian horses are one of the world’s ancient horse bloodlines and originally come from Iran. Caspa is a pony but has a refined build making him look and move like a small horse. He is very fun to ride!


Oh What a Knight or Knight is one of the newest additions to Darenth Farm. He is a 7 yr old Thoroughbred.

Soki Soki

Soki or “So Can I” is as spunky as her name sounds. Soki is a Welsh pony and one of our smaller riders’ favorites!


Harmony is happiest fox hunting or trail riding but she is also ridden in the arena by our more experienced riders. She is a talented jumper.


Milly is a Hafflinger pony, a breed originally used to pull smaller farm equipment and carts. Milly has never been taught to drive but she does love to jump! Her lovely golden palomino color is typical of her breed.


Snowman is grey Thoroughbred gelding. He is a trusty school horse enjoyed by all our riders.


Sienna was just a year old when she came to the farm. She is now 10 and we have trained her ourselves. She is a wonderful, reliable horse for both children and adults, beginners and more experienced riders. She does well in the arena, on trails, cross country as well as fox hunting. A fun horse to ride.

Strawberry Strawberry

Strawberry is a wonderful pony for younger riders. She has taught countless children to ride and is still as patient as can be.


Summer Reign is a Holsteiner/TB cross. A big, athletic horse with incredible movement she is being trained by Mary Macklin for the sport of three day eventing. Bred by our vet Dr Laura Reick we like Summer so much we also have her sibling Solstice.

Solstice Solstice

Solstice Knight as a 2 year old. A full brother to Summer Reign, Solstice is currently in training at Darenth Farm and we are looking forward to discovering all his talents!